OXINION Crypto Fund Dec 4th week

Today, OXINION Crypto fund total asset hits $40 from $0. I still do not trust crypto success as this is why called “CRYPTO currency”, not fiat currency. But who cares? as long as i make free cash to add more dividend growth equity.

Step 1. How i cash out from crypto world?

This is ad platform like Adsense that rewards in crypto currency. I think i earn approximately $0.2 every day. I think there’s a chance that this platform can be shut down due to incoming recession. So, i’m hoping that this platform help me to build up $1 per day dividend process. I already do achieve this with my main portfolio. $1 is the milestone every average investor should reach. While writing down this post, i made $0.05 worth :)

Step 2. How will i maximise the fund size?

Does not have to do any special activity on ad platform but still a bit annoying to check regularly. Cashflow is a real king. So, crypto cashout + weekly dividend will be an ultimate cashflow for this fund.

Step 3. What i want to achieve

I would like buy all VIG & VIGI individual stocks even its over 600 holdings. But i will stick to OXINION portfolio(concentrated) style with ASML & other OTC stocks.

Final Comment.

OXINION portfolio is consisted with only 3 picks which are VOO, MSFT and COST. This portfolio is going to be my future savings and my dream company account. Although OXINION Crypto Fund is an experimental one, i believe it will do better than my main one. Any of my main holdings won’t grow 10x as its very mature picks.



Investor & Software Developer

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