Fetch locations within a longitude/latitude with Node.js &mongoDB

To implement a feature that posts will be fetched based on your location on explore page at OXINION, i had to research so many things like geoJSON, how to query, indexing on MongoDB.

You need to understand what Mongo GeoJSON is.

Create a model schema first to save geoJson. In MongoDB, its called GeoSpatial Indexing to save spatial indexing with latitude and longitude

How to define schema

✅ A good example of location schema

❌ A bad example for MongoDB schema

Never do like these below

Location data type : “Point”

How to use async await location

This should be handle with async await. I should ensure that the post data should displayed once i received the latitude and longitude.

Get empty [] => Paged loaded => Display empty

if you cover with if statement, if (latitude & longitude), it will run the fetch() properly.

Extra : How to manually set location in chrome?

Now you can select any location remotely :) For example, if i select London, i can see all the posts based on London’s latlng.

Recommended to read

When a user visit, pass query (userlocation.coordinates.lat, userlocation.coordinates.lng)



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