Dev Diary for OXINION — Week 1~6

It’s been almost 1month since i started my personal project. I will try to summarise my activities every Monday as i can’t remember what i have done. “What i have done”, “How i tried to deal with” and “What i have learn” will be the main stories.

# What i have done and plans

  • Auth (signin, singup, singout) with BE
  • Nearby API and GeoAR.js

This week goal is to make adding post and comment. All of feature specs and designs are ready with my CSS and been writing down in Github project tab.

How i made nearby API

In order to apply GeoAR.js into OXINION, i had to follow this. Nearby API is done but still have no data at my MongoDB & haven’t applied it with my own API. But fortunately, i was able to manage with Google Places APIs.

# Issues and How i sort it out


  • for passing body data to BE, esp adding posts
  • Next.js (SSR) + react-responisve error

P: Next does return response including html,css,js from the server so it does not initialise window object so the browser does not know window info(width and height).

S: it can be solved by updating isMobile variable when the components are mounted on the client side.


  • Postman passing data from FE
  • DB model structures

P: I started coding first before defining the DB structure. So, everything was messed up as i had to change the sturcture for FE as well.

S: I should draw on paper first how i will define model relation like join() method which is similar to populate() in MongoDB.

P: It does work pretty well on postman but when i pass data from FE, it does not catch my data.

S: If i fail to manage it, i will try this part synchronously first while now i’m working with BE together.

# What i have learn with references



  • MongoDB GeoJSON
  • Populate() for model relation

# Note

I still need some spare time for TypeScript and PS.

Hopefully, i can make some progress with this project and apply Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate program to make passive income.

Inspired by GeoAR.js



Investor & Software Developer

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