Do these 3 things

  1. Dollar Switching strategy
1. Buy USD when dollar index is below 100 -> 2. Recession comes & USD getting expensive -> 3. Sell USD & Buy undervalued assets

2. Option Trading

Actually, i do not recommand putting your money into option market as it's hard to predict. Investing is an execution of the plan, not a prediction! But if you want to make bets, you can try inverse ETF!

3. Buy physical assets

Especically, RE. The govt will raise interest rate to resuce the economy. So, the general public cannot handle raising interest and the number of house sales will increase and then natually the price tag will go lower so it's a buy chance.



Turn $10 into $2000 with Crypto

The stock goal : just keep buying as i planned

The crypto goal : To stake $2k each at USDT & BUSD

Binance Earn gives us 10% interest rate in Tier 1 which is between $0 and $2000. It goes down to 3% so it’s very ineffective.

This is how i get started.

Let’s discuss how i gonna make.


  • BNB Vault
  • Flexible Savings (USDT & BUSD)
  • Liquidity Farming

3rd parties

Upbit — ₩4062

ThePOL — ₩1800

Milk — 2MLK (₩2000)

Paycoin —



Aha — transfer fee $2



I was trying to approach this problem by splitting half. For example,


set the mid “4” and then split left and right. Define these like left = [1,2], right=[2,1] and mid=4. So all i have to do is right.reverse() to compare with left part. if(left === right.reverse()) should return “YES” else it’s not!

If the each row’s length is even number,

For example, if the length is 6, the left and right length should be 3.

My rubbish code :)